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Welcome to Race Active – Your pit stop for the best Driving and Motorsport Experiences in the UK. Our love of driving experiences and motorsport is a passion for speed, and we believe that those who worship the best-made cars in world should get to know them inside out. Whether you’re looking for lessons, gifts, or mind-blowing spectator experiences, get Race Active!

Prepaid Gift Cards & Flex Series

Flex Series Packs are a great solution for those occasions when you just don’t know what to choose. Packs contain pre-paid gift cards that can be used to redeem any Race Active product in our online store, including experiences and tickets, meaning there is no specific product attached to the card until the recipient makes their preferred selection.

Race Active Flex Series Packs also come with gifts, such as USB Memory Sticks or Power Bank, Key Ring and Pen.


Be there on the side-lines and experience true motorsport passion first-hand! Get tickets to popular motorsport championships, including Formula 1, BTCC, and DTM. Tickets for motor industry events, such as motor shows and exhibitions may also be available.

For up-to-date notifications and detailed information on ticket releases, prices and purchase, subscribe below and let us keep you up to speed on everything Race Active. Grand Prix and Events Tickets available soon!

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Catch up on the latest action, interviews and best moments from the world of motorsport. There is so much going on in the world of motorsport, it’s hard to keep up with teams, drivers, cars and championships. But that’s cool, because we keep track for you with the latest bitesize videos and clips from around the motorsport globe.


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