The epitome of beauty, class, elegance, sophistication and power. Aston Martin has been defining the meaning characteristics for an age and it seems they will continue for an eternity. To look at any Aston Martin for a period of time will conjure up emotions of desire and lust. Imagine what emotions you will go through if you were to drive one. Well, as always at Race Active we don’t believe in imaging, why not just drive one. Get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB7, DB8 or Vantage and experience the reality of the most beautiful combination of beauty, luxury and power. No wonder this is the car of choice for the most suave of them all, Mr Bond, James Bond! (although never any Martini’s before driving)
Don’t worry, all of this awesomeness will be supervised by a qualified instructor to help make sure you enjoy drive safely and fully.

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