Kids and Junior Driving Experiences - Vroom Vroom!

There’s a good reason Kids and Junior Driving Experiences in the UK are becoming more and more popular. Many kids are fascinated by the concept of speed, dreaming of following in the footsteps of their heroes and winning the ultimate prize – the coveted Formula 1 trophy. Although previous generations had to make do with simulating car noises on the living room carpet, these days it’s a lot more exciting. Race Active's Kids and Junior Driving Experiences include Rally cars, 4 x 4s, and even Lamborghinis are available at the click of a button, giving your young ones a memorable time they will never forget.

Extreme 5 Car Experience
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Fun, Exciting & Safe

At the heart of every professional driver’s success is a solid understanding of the basics, allowing them to steal valuable milliseconds from their competitors and avoid making dangerous decisions on the track. Learning to drive like a pro is a skill that will serve kids for life, not to mention the undeniable benefits off starting early. Race Active's Kids and Junior Driving Experiences in the UK include qualified instructors that will make the experience fun, exciting, and safe. Driving lessons are also available up to 5 years before legally eligible for a UK driving licence.

‘Faster than fast, quicker than quick’, said Lightning McQueen. ‘I am speed.’ No more virtual reality or driving simulations – we’re the real deal! Make your child’s dreams a reality. Your kids will be the victors.

Join us for a fun and exciting experiences, supervised and instructed by qualified instructors.

Terry Larkin 37 – Colchester

Whatever you do, make sure you book a passenger ride. These guys are off their trollies

Mark Sterliero, 29 – Coventry

Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ariel Atom all in one day. This was one of the most memorable moments of my life

Marie Joyle, 25 – Bath

What a treat!! Little me driving and speeding in a lorry, I can’t explain how awesome that felt. An unusual gift from my boyfriend, probably the only thing he has ever got right and even then he did so by accident, lol

Tessa Howler, 31 – Wiltshire

I didn’t know what to expect but that wouldn’t have made a difference any way. I never would have expected that much speed and power from anything