True Ability & Skill

Send mud flying in an impenetrable rally car and discover the unequivocal skill required to keep these fearless beasts under control. Courage, reflex speed and technical ability are tested to the extreme as you slip, slide and drift through unforgiving terrain at the mercy of the elements. Technically one of the most difficult styles to master, a rally driving experience in the UK is a reactive driving challenge not to be taken lightly.

Masterful Control

Traditionally staged on public and private roads in all weather conditions, rally driving is the ultimate test of reflex and control. Professional drivers can overcome some of the most brutal terrain in almost any given climate, making them the cream of the crop when it comes to technical skill. The different stages of rally competitions would rip a normal car to pieces, delivering a pounding that only the most durable modifications can handle. Kids, don’t try this at home.

If you want to take the off road experience to a whole new level, hear engines roar with Race Active’s Rally Driving Experience. With some of the UK’s most riveting rally driving courses, test your skill with the speed and power of your ride. Take the wheel of the brutes of the outdoors and drive like your life depended on it.

Do you think you have got what it takes to tame the beast that is a rally car? These Guys Have!

Terry Larkin 37 – Colchester

Whatever you do, make sure you book a passenger ride. These guys are off their trollies

Mark Sterliero, 29 – Coventry

Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ariel Atom all in one day. This was one of the most memorable moments of my life

Marie Joyle, 25 – Bath

What a treat!! Little me driving and speeding in a lorry, I can’t explain how awesome that felt. An unusual gift from my boyfriend, probably the only thing he has ever got right and even then he did so by accident, lol

Tessa Howler, 31 – Wiltshire

I didn’t know what to expect but that wouldn’t have made a difference any way. I never would have expected that much speed and power from anything

Sanjeev Rezwan Patel, 22 - Leeds

It doesn’t get much better than Drifting! It’s crazy and I love crazy. It’s loud too…

Laffy Brimiener, 18 – East London

I can’t quite believe I just spent the morning screaming the lungs out of a Formula Renault Single Seater. This is nuts! Still pinching myself

Sam Fields, 35 – Leicester

These cars are quite brutish, right from the off. Just the sound of the engine starting was an excitement. How do they get away with letting ordinary folk like me in a Lamborghini? This is insane and I am going to do it again and again.

Jane Dansford, 24 – Birmingham

Bought a Passenger Ride for my Grandmother, she is 72. Now she won’t stop talking about it. Going to have to book for Grandad now as is silence is heard loud and clear.

Tumpa Emula, 41 - London

Hard to explain the speed, power, noise and emotion in a sentence. You just have to feel it for yourself to truly grasp the shear thrill of these driving experiences.

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