Our Evo Range

For a more exclusive range of car, our Evo range includes higher end supercars for driving experiences, V.I.P motorsport tickets and exclusive car hire. The Race Active XL Gift Box is included free of charge with all Evo packages. 

Evo - Supercar Hire

Supercars used to be the exclusive to societies elite, but these cars are becoming more and more accessible to 'Joe public' either through driving experiences and supercar hire. At Race Active, we have sourced amazing supercars for hire from all over the UK. It's hard to believe that some of the supercars available for car hire in the UK include La Ferrari, Aston Martin Vanquish, Rolls Royce Phantom and various 'Hypercars' that even some of the mentioned elite dream of.

Supercar Hire provides more time for you to became acquainted with the car and more time to enjoy its characteristics, features and some would say, personality. See the car parked outside your home and take family and friends for a spin, all with the admiration and glare of the passing public. Be warned, its not advised to develop a relationship with the car as you do have to give it back, and this hurts... real bad!

Please refer to our safety page for further details regarding car hire. It is important to remember that any car hire whether that is a reasonably priced car, supercar or hypercar have to be driven in accordance with UK driving regulations. For further information please click here.

The Race Active XL Gift Box is included free of charge with all Evo packages.

Evo - Supercar Hire

Hire Car

As lovers of the motorsport genre, we enjoy driving fast. We also enjoy driving unique, iconic vehicles and testing them to their absolute limits. However, please note that hiring a car (be it a supercar, a muscle car, or a classic car) does not fall under the category of motorsport, and standard UK motoring rules do still apply for the duration of your hire. This requires you to meet all legal driving standards, and adhere fully to the national rules of the road.

Hiring a car via Race Active, or any other outlet, comes with the same set of responsibilities as driving any other vehicle in the country, which includes adhering to rules regarding speed limits, noise pollution, parking, and above all, due care for and attention to your own safety, and the safety of the general public. Hire cars should, under no circumstances, be used in any connection with racing or motorsport.