The Ariel Atom is an open wheel super lightweight pocket rocket, simple! This car (or rocket) goes from 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds, so it’s just a matter of nerves and bravery. Because this car is so quick off the mark, so lightweight and so nimble it’s able to push the limits so long as the driver is willing to explore them. Its equipped with a 2ltr Honda i-VTEC engine but that is irrelevant because once you experience the speed and power of the Atom you will quickly understand why it is more likened to a rocket rather than a conventional car engine. As a passenger or from behind the wheel this experience will blow your mind, not just because of the speed and power but because you are able to feel, hear and understand a lot more than a conventional car. There are no doors or windscreens on a Ariel Atom allowing the experience to literally smack you in the face, ask Jeremy Clarkson. Don’t worry, all of this awesomeness will be supervised by a qualified instructor to help make sure you enjoy drive safely and fully.

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