Although not recognised as supercar manufacturers, BMW has become a symbol of refinement and advanced technology. BMW has also come to signify wealth and class as it is considered higher end of all the manufacturers. Although their cars may be pricier than the average, you get the mark of precision engineering. Up until recently the M-tec sports models were fully naturally aspirated, a remarkable feat considering the rocket boosting add-ons of their competitors.
BMW has a strong history in motorsports utilising most of its models. But BMW will always be more recognised for its quality, refinement, technology and class making one of the most recognisable and sort after brands. The latest editions to its models, the BMW and i3 and i8 are an outstanding achievements recognised industry critics and by the buying public. Luckily, the best BMW’s on the road don’t have to be bought to be enjoyed, book a BMW experience here at race Active.

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