2 Hour Junior Off Road Driving Experience

2 Hour Junior Off Road Driving Experience

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  • Age 13 – 17
  • Demo Drive
  • Ashford



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2 Hour Junior Off Road Driving Experience

Imagine the thrill of driving a 4×4 vehicle and tackling numerous off-road tracks before you’ve even been on the road! Under the guidance of a highly qualified off road driving instructor, this unique 2 Hour Junior Off Road Driving Experience will introduce teenagers to the world of off road driving. The spectacular 3000 acre Eastwell Park estate has plenty of jaw dropping hills, muddy bumps and ruts and water splashes to negotiate. It is the perfect setting for junior drivers to conquer a range of driving challenges that will not only give them great memories of their first drive but it will teach them invaluable skills to set them up for their future driving off and on the road.

These courses are not only a one-off thrill. Young drivers can develop their skills, where the instructor will up the tempo and introduce more advance techniques. Initially they will address steering, pulling away and braking then progress onto reversing, climbing, descending, crossing ridges and driving on different surfaces like mud, gravel and wet grass.

FORMAT: Your experience will start with a comprehensive introduction and demonstration drive of the 4×4 (Toyota, Land Rover, Mitsubishi or similar) on the site from your instructor. They will assess your skills to find an appropriate level on which to begin your driving experience and then build your confidence to tackle more of the course. You will then receive around 90 minutes of hands on driving time which provides ample opportunity to really develop your newly acquired driving skills. Not only will you get to grips with the vehicle but you’ll have plenty of time to find out what it can really do!


  • 30 Mins Safety Briefing
  • Demo Drive
  • 90 mins Hours Driving

 Participant Guidelines and Requirements

  • For ages 13-17. All junior drivers must be able to see out of the windscreen, reach the vehicle controls (4ft 8” as a guide) and receive instruction. All junior drivers must be accompanied by a parent/guardian on the experience. Please inform us of any medical conditions beforehand to ensure we can accommodate for you.
  • Weather: Driving may be cancelled in extreme weather conditions which could make the event dangerous. Please call us if in any doubt. If this occurs we will call you as soon as possible and find an alternative date.
  • Dress Code: We recommend sensible, outdoor clothing which is suitable for driving. Ground conditions can be rough and slippery so appropriate footwear is strongly advised.
  • Spectators: A supervising parent/guardian must attend the course in the vehicle. Due to the nature of the event, we cannot allow spectators to roam the site and watch.

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