General Safety

Motorsport, whether as a competitor or a spectator, can be a very dangerous affair. This has always been the case, which is why safety has become the number one priority of the industry. As tempting as it is to win a race, reach higher speeds, or experience the full potential of a supercar, we must first and foremost ensure our own safety, as well as the safety of those around us. Race Active places a strong and uncompromising emphasis on the safety of our entire community.

No matter the event, please ensure that you adhere fully to the safety instructions and guidelines of the venue you’re attending. In most cases, your visit will begin with a safety briefing, where a member of staff will explain the role you and the venue operator must play in order to create a fun but safe environment for all. Please give these briefings your full attention!

Most of the time, you will be provided with the correct safety attire for the occasion, but we do recommend that you double check this with the venue prior to your scheduled event.

Hire Car

As lovers of the motorsport genre, we enjoy driving fast. We also enjoy driving unique, iconic vehicles and testing them to their absolute limits. However, please note that hiring a car (be it a supercar, a muscle car, or a classic car) does not fall under the category of motorsport, and standard UK motoring rules do still apply for the duration of your hire. This requires you to meet all legal driving standards, and adhere fully to the national rules of the road.

Hiring a car via Race Active, or any other outlet, comes with the same set of responsibilities as driving any other vehicle in the country, which includes adhering to rules regarding speed limits, noise pollution, parking, and above all, due care and attention for your own safety, and the safety of the general public. Hire cars should, under no circumstances, be used in any connection with racing or motorsport.

Track Day

Track Day events, in which you can drive your own vehicle on national tracks and circuits around the country, have very specific rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all participants and spectators. It is strongly recommended that you make contact with the venue prior to the event to clarify the relevant safety measures and procedures that will be in place on the day.

All drivers must be in possession of a full UK Driving License, and all cars will need to be considered safe to drive by the venue operator. In some cases an MOT will not be required, but please bear in mind that if you are driving to the venue on public roads, then standard UK motoring rules will apply to you and your vehicle. In most cases, helmets will be required, but not race suits.

We strongly advise that you contact your insurer to establish whether your policy covers track days, as the chances are that it won’t. You may wish to purchase dedicated Track Day insurance, but never assume that your normal car insurance will cover you and your car for a Track Day event, as this is highly unlikely.

Safety First, Always!

Flag Key

As with ordinary traffic lights, a green flag means you are now clear to race / drive freely.

Drive with caution, or, in the case of Go Karting, drive slowly or at walking pace. An amber light or flag may also be a notice to all drivers that there has been an incident on the track, so drive slowly and be prepared to navigate around a possible obstruction.

All drivers must stop as quickly and safely as possible, and remain stationary until told otherwise. As with everyday traffic lights, ignoring these rules can lead to serious injury to yourself and others, and may result in a penalty.

Return to the pits immediately, but safely. There are numerous reasons for displaying this flag, but the most common include dangerous driving, driving beyond your or your vehicle’s ability, and not adhering to the rules of the track. Following a detailed explanation from the steward, you may be allowed to continue driving. Alternatively, if the steward feels that you pose a risk to yourself and others, a decision will be made to withdraw you from the proceedings.

A driver significantly faster than you wants to overtake. A blue flag means that you should calmly and safely allow this to happen. You do not need to stop, just slow down gently and leave enough space and time for the overtaking car to pass.


Motorsport can be an exceptionally loud experience, therefore we strongly advise that earplugs are worn at all times, especially as a spectator. We understand that the howl of racing engines can be very addictive, often being an indication of the exceptional power and speed that is being unleashed, but it is very easy to get carried away and forget about the permanent damage being done to our ears. Wearing ear plugs is not a legal obligation, but is highly recommended, especially at Grand Prix events.


Most operators and venues will supply drivers will helmets, but it is recommended that you confirm this prior to attending your scheduled event. As a rule, venues offering Go Karting and other driving experiences will more than likely provide helmets, but for other events, such as Track Days, it may be necessary to rent one.

Race suits are not normally required, with the exception Go Karting, for which they are compulsory. Karting venues will usually provide you with race suits as part of your package.

For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that appropriate footwear is worn during every driving experience. Appropriate footwear can be defined as flat-soled and as narrow in width as possible. Any footwear deemed as inappropriate, such as boots or heeled shoes, may not be permitted.

In Order To Finish First, First You Must Finish - Be Safe!

Terry Larkin 37 – Colchester

Whatever you do, make sure you book a passenger ride. These guys are off their trollies

Mark Sterliero, 29 – Coventry

Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ariel Atom all in one day. This was one of the most memorable moments of my life

Marie Joyle, 25 – Bath

What a treat!! Little me driving and speeding in a lorry, I can’t explain how awesome that felt. An unusual gift from my boyfriend, probably the only thing he has ever got right and even then he did so by accident, lol

Tessa Howler, 31 – Wiltshire

I didn’t know what to expect but that wouldn’t have made a difference any way. I never would have expected that much speed and power from anything